Decadent Moments by Wearing Memories


In what has been an exciting few weeks, our designer, Kiron Barui, presented her new range, Decadent Moments, at an exclusive interactive exhibition with Fashion International.
Greeting guests at the door with a glass of champagne, the wine houses being the very core of this jewellery house, models draped in Wearing Memories moved around the hours of the clock and poignantly delivering this seasons message to her viewers – that time is short, savour the moments that make life special! 


The collection uses the decadent era of the 1920’s as its inspiration, a time when people loved life following the tragedy of the First World War, having seen the worse of humanity the 1920’s was an era that celebrated the wonder of being alive and enjoying and experiencing all life had to offer.


As an amazing philanthropist, Kiron included in this collection intricate butterfly pieces. Supporting cancer charities is very important to Kiron, and these pieces are a memento to those events and memories with the caps featured in these pieces.


The stunning headpieces used in this exhibition were made by Australian Milliner Cindy Vogels of The Devoted Milliner using faux leather and feathers.
Everyone loves a little decadence in their life; Decadent Moments from Wearing Memories is the perfect collection for men and women who have a love for life and champagne!


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London Fashion Week SS16

Wearing Memories as seen on the brand CCOUCO at LFW SS16.

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